Join us for Worship! Sunday service times: 9:30 English & 10:30 Vietnamese



Worship is a special time. In God’s house, God’s people step away from the distractions and difficulties of daily life and gather as a spiritual family in the promised presence of God himself.

Why do we come? What is the primary focus of our worship? On what we do? Or on what God does for us? Certainly there are things that we do in our worship. We join with brothers and sisters in the faith and call upon God to be with us. We humbly and sincerely admit how far we have fallen and how miserably we have failed our God. There, in worship, we join our voices in hymns of prayer, praise, and proclamation. Every week we express what we believe in creeds that have been spoken by Christians for centuries. There, we pray.

But if we think of worship as primarily something we do, we are missing the most important part of our worship. Worship is primarily about what God has done and still does for us. As we hear and speak the message about Jesus, our Savior, and as we remember our Baptism and receive Communion, God comes to us.  He creates and strengthens faith in us.  We’re the ones who come to worship.  God is the one who gets things done.



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